Asbestos & Lead

Properties built before 1980 may contain asbestos & lead material. Before any material can be disturbed or “abated”, Pure Restoration Inc. will need the lab analyses and report from a 3rd party asbestos & lead testing company. Pure Restoration Inc. does NOT provide asbestos & lead testing services. Pure Restoration Inc. provides asbestos & lead abatement services.
With over 20 years of experience in Cleaning Up Lead, Asbestos, and Other Hazards, Pure Restoration Inc. is the right choice for you.

Pure Restoration Inc. can provide full Procedure 5 services.
The purpose of a Pre-Approved Procedure 5 Approved Alternative Plan (Plan) is to provide facilities with a more efficient procedure to clean up limited amounts of disturbed asbestos containing material (ACM) while protecting public health and ensuring compliance with AQMD Rule 1403 – Asbestos Emissions from Demolition/Renovation Activities. Plan requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to specific imposed conditions to ensure criteria for compliance are fully met.
In order to provide an asbestos and or lead abatement estimate, Pure Restoration Inc. must conduct an onsite inspection, even if 3rd party lab analyses and reports have been provided.
Going through insurance? No problem. Let Pure Restoration Inc. handle your claim with your insurance adjusters directly, on your behalf, so that you can focus on more important matters. Pure Restoration Inc. has a vast amount of experience in dealing with insurance companies and having them cover for your loss. You will not have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses, other than your deductible.