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Toxic mold
Mold growing on walls.
Mold seems like a comparatively innocent issue. Sure, it's ugly  when you see it.
But sometimes, it's the mold you can't see that's more of a problem.
Mold removal is one of those chores we tend to place low on a list of priorities because it doesn't
seem like it does much damage, but it's a little like an iceberg; you don't always see the full extent
of the problem. If you knew more about this seemingly innocuous substance, you might feel
inclined to tackle mold removal more promptly.

Molds can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any organic stance, as long as
moisture and oxygen are present. Mold can cause degradation to buildings and even cause
problems for the health of people and pets. You may not know it but when there's mold in the
house, you can actually breathe in the spores.
Medical studies have found that mold is the #1 cause of allergic symptoms.

There are over 1000 species of mold that are common in the United States, and most of them can
have serious consequences for both your house and your health.

With more than 16 years of experience in mold remediation in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange
County. Pure Restoration Inc. is the right choice for your mold inspection and mold remediation
needs. We Offer visual mold inspection and lab analysis, to find mold, diagnose the type of mold,
identify the exact count and type of mold, and find a solution to permanently eliminate it.

Is there visible MOLD present anywhere indoors?

Are there musty odors anywhere indoors -  closets, rooms, sub-floors etc.?

Discoloration or mold on baseboards, drywalls, wall boards, or wallpaper?

Cracks in shower tile, lack of caulking, loose toilet seal, leaks under sink?

Carpet and padding in direct contact with concrete slab?

Does the soil next to the foundation get wet either by rain or by yard sprinklers?

Poorly maintained or dirty air conditioning/heating vents and filters?

Damp basement or crawl space?

Water penetration? (water marks on walls, mold spots on walls)

Musty / moldy odor?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you could be EXPOSED TO TOXIC

Keep your family, including pets, free of exposure to mold spores by being vigilant about
dampness in the home.
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